He's Just Not That Into You

Dating Without Drama

It can be difficult to tell

if a guys just not that into you. 

Lets face it the hot guys are not going to be all over you, calling you all the time and being needy. 

Loser guys do that.  But hot guys are chilled out and relaxed.  They might not call you for several days in a row.  Not because they don't like you but simply because they're busy living their lives. 

Dating is a minefield.

It can be so hard to tell what a guys thinking...

Here's a great way to tell if he really loves you:

You should break up with a guy if he doesn't buy you a romantic gift on a special occasion like Christmas or your birthday.  A romantic gift is something like a rose, a poem or anything that shows he is thinking of you.  Romantic doesn't mean expensive, it means thoughtful. 

But there's so many other minefields. 

What if he doesn't call?

Dating Without Drama

What should you wear on a first date?

How do you let your guy know what behaviour is acceptable from him without nagging?

How do you avoid turning minor disagreements into huge fights?

How do you know where you are in the relationship?

Dating Without Drama

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Dating Without Drama